Part of our heritage for more than 40 years, the creation of delicious, soft Porchetta is a rich family tradition that began 3 generations ago with our grandfather and continues today. All meat is sourced fresh from our family butchery, and carefully prepared in the time honoured way, ensuring a standard of quality and taste that is second to none.

Porchetta is classified as a food of cultural significance to Italy (designated as Prodotto Agroalimentare Tradizionale by the Italian Ministry for Agriculture), and Italian Porchetta are proud to bring their own local version of this important international food to the tables of Australia.

The taste of Porchetta is savoury, moist and if served warm or hot – particularly juicy. Made from pork, it is created by removing the bones from a pig, adding stuffing and meat, then being rolled, spitted and roasted in the old way – over a hot wood fire. Some fat is retained as well as skin from the pig as this adds to the flavour.

Our Porchetta is seasoned with a selection of herbs for a distinctive and appetising taste.